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Phineas Kennedy in 1917

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21 Platts Lane, London, July 13, 1913

Sir W. G. Tyrrell, KCMY, The Foreign Office, Whitehall

Dear Sir,

Knowing that at a time like the present Sir Edward Grey must be far too busy to receive mere casual visitors to London, I venture to write to you in the hope that you be able to spare a few minutes in which I might talk to you about the conditions at present prevailing in Albania.

As representatives of the American Board of Foreign Missions Mrs. Kennedy and I have lived in the heart of Albania for over five years. We actually left Avlona, where we had ample opportunity of seeing the work of the Provisional Government, but a week ago.

As Mrs. Kennedy and I are only spending a few days in London before I return to Albania, we will take the liberty of calling at the Foreign Office at 12 noon on Monday. Should it be impossible for you to see me then (Mrs. Kennedy who knows the conditions as well as I do would also be available if you care to see her), I should be very grateful if you could appoint one of the officials particularly charged with Near Eastern affairs to do so, or if you would give an hour at which we could call again on Monday or Tuesday.

We do not claim or wish to be politicians but we do know what has been and is going on.

Trusting you may be able to spare a few minutes.

Most respectfully yours,

Phineas B. Kennedy


  • Obtained and submitted to IAPS for publication by Bejtullah Destani.
  • Transcribed from handwritten text by David Hosaflook.
  • [Brackets] indicate questionable or unintelligible text
  • Sir William George Tyrrell was private secretary to Sir Edward Grey from 1907 to 1915.


Folder Information:

July 14, 1913

No. 32486

Rev. P. B. Kennedy

Subject: S. Albania, Reasons why Albania should be as large as possible and why Kortcha should go to Albania. Draws attention to action of Greeks.

Minutes: […] and while it amplifies what we know already. Mr. Kennedy tells a very different tale from M. [?] (see 32592) who wishes to [Hellenise] southern Albania and believes that this people wish it.

Public Record Office, London, F.O. 371 1839

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