The Biography of Gerasim Kyrias

At the heart of Albania’s National Awakening comes the true story of Gerasim Kyrias (Gjerasim Qiriazi), a poor carpenter’s son whose unlikely rise as scholar and reformer led him to the forefront of Albania’s rebirth, placing him at odds with potent enemies sworn to stop him by any means. Despite armed threats and a desperate kidnapping, Kyrias’s dream would prevail, altering the course of an entire nation. John Quanrud’s biography was released previously as A Sacred Task and is now republished as Gerasim Kyrias and the Albanian National Awakening, 1858–1894 in order to commemorate the 125th anniversaries of Kortcha’s Albanian Girls’ School and the Albanian Evangelical Brotherhood, both of which he founded. Available worldwide in English and Albania at Amazon, and in hardback in Tirana, Skopje and Prishtina. Interview with the author below:

Gerasim Kyrias lived to serve his nation in the hope of making this world a better place.

Rexhep Meidani

former president of Albania

The patriot who—more than any other figure of the Albanian Awakening—has been buried under the dust of oblivion.

Skënder Luarasi

Albanian historian and biographer