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Dana lived in Korça, Albania with her husband Larry from 1993-2011, working with the Evangelical church founded by Gerasim Kyrias in 1892. The family of the late Albanologist and American missionary, Dr. Edwin Jacques (author of The Albanians: An Ethnic History from Prehistoric Times to the Present), requested for her to complete the work he began in recounting the history of the Evangelical-Protestant movement among the Albanians. Her research took her to archives and libraries in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey, the UK (Cambridge) and the USA (Princeton, Harvard, Columbia University, Oberlin College). She was a conference speaker on Albanian history and published biographical articles on significant actors of the Albanian Protestant movement including Phineas and Violet Kennedy, Thanas Sina, Grigor and Katerina Tsilka, and the British and Foreign Bible Society colporteurs. She is survived by her husband Larry Stucky, who was instrumental in establishing the IAPS and guiding it in its early years.


  • BS in Nursing with a certificate in Public Health, Baylor University
  • M.A., Inter-cultural Studies, Western, Portland, Oregon

Academic Appointments

  • Professor of Spiritual Formation and of Christian Family Life, São Luis Theological Seminary, São Luis, Maranhão, Brazil (1988-1991)
  • Teacher of World History, private International Elementary School, Korçë, Albania (1993-1994, 1996-1997)
  • Teacher of Spiritual Formations and of Christian Family Life, KUK Bible School, Korçë, Albania (1995-1997)
  • Teacher of Cross-Cultural Communications and of Albanian History, KUK Cross-Cultural Training School, Korçë, Albania (2008-2010)


  • “Jeta e Thanas Sinës.” Ilira 28 (2010): 28-29; Ilira 29 (2010): 28-29; Ilira 30 (2010): 16.
  • “Jeta e Grigor Cilkës.”Ilira 31 (2010): 28-29.
  • “Jeta e Katerina Cilkës.” Ilira 32 (2011): 28-29.
  • “Jeta e Fineas Dhe Violetë Kenedit.” Ilira 34 (2011): 22-23; Ilira 35 (2011): 28-29.
  • “Librashëtitësit e SHBBH-Së Në Shqipëri.” Ilira 37 (2012): 28-29; Ilira 38 (2012): 28-29.
  • My Life: Sevasti Kyrias-Dako: The autobiography of the pioneer of female education in Albania. 2016 (compiler).
  • Jeta Ime: Sevasti Qiriazi-Dako: Jetëshkrimi i pabotuar i “Mësueses së Popullit”. 2016 (compiler).

Conferences & Invited Talks

  • American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions 200th Celebration, Boston, MA, 2011 – “ABCFM History in Albania (1873-1922)”
  • Albanian Diaspora Forum, Chicago, 2012
  • Albanian Diaspora Forum, Philadelphia, 2014
  • San Joaquin Gardens, Fresno, CA, 2014
  • Academic Conference: 200 Years of the Protestant Movement in Albania, Pristina, Kosovo, 25 October, 2016—”Sevasti Qiriazi’s Memoirs: My Life”
  • Fan Noli University Symposium: The 125th Anniversary of the Albanian Girls’ School, Korçë, Albania, 26 October, 2016—”Sevasti Qiriazi’s Early Life”
  • North American Albanian Evangelical Brotherhood Qiriazi Symposium, New York City, 5 November, 2016—”Reflections on the Life of Sevasti Qiriazi”


  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Albanian
  • Spanish (intermediate reading)