Qiriazi-Dako Exhibit at the Albanian National Library

On November 7, 2016, Albania’s National Library welcomed the IAPS and the Cultural Center of Tirana to host an informal meeting with a group of young women from local Tirana high schools who are part of the G.L.O.W. initiative (Girls Leading Our World). The library’s director, prof.assoc.dr. Persida Asllani, informed the girls about the resources available to them both at the library and online, and shared with them the inspiring story of Sevasti Qiriazi as an example to emulate. The director of the Cultural Center of Tirana, Jonida Vogli, and Prof.assoc.dr. Teuta Toska of the IAPS and the University of Elbasan both addressed the girls concerning the Qiriazi sisters and the importance of girls spending their lives for the advancement of big ideals instead of trifles. Also the National Library staff gathered materials from its storehouse to be displayed for a one-week exhibit including several items from the IAPS library and archive.