The Alphabet Gala

On November 22, the IAPS director was invited by the Deputy Prime Minister of Macedonia to give a word of greeting at the Concert Gala in honor of the Alphabet Congress. The gala was entitled “One Language Unites Us All” and featured the renown violinist Shkëlzen Doli and dramatist Çun Lajçi. Also, the rector of the University of Tetovo honored the Kyrias family with a plaque and several commemorative books. Due to health concerns, the Kyrias representatives could not attend, but they requested the IAPS receive the honors on their behalf. After the gala, there was an official dinner featuring the musician Jehona Shaqiri. The mayor of the Albanian disctrict Çair in Skopje gave special thanks to the IAPS for opening up the field of Protestant studies, especially studies connected with the Kyrias family from Monastir.