The Kristoforidhi Biblical Translations

On June 6, 2017, in cooperation with the National Library of Albania, the IAPS celebrated the 190th birthday of the renown Albanian linguist and Bible translator, Konstantin Kristoforidhi (Constantine Christophorides), and the republication of four of his translations, all prepared for publication by Prof. Dr. Xhevat Lloshi. Three of the four republications were published by the Bible Society: “Krijesa & Të dalëtë” (Genesis and Exodus, geg dialect, 1872); “Psalmet” (Psalms, geg and tosk dialects, 1868, 1872); “Pesë libra të Dhiatës së vjetër” (tosk, 1882–1884); whereas one was republished by the IAPS, “Historia e Shkrimit të Shenjtë and Katër katekizma” (G. Barth’s “Bible Stories” and Isaac Watts’ “Four Chatechisms”) (tosk and geg, 1867 e 1872).

Several speakers gave brief remarks, including the director of the National Library, Prof.dr. Persida Asllani, the esteemed linguist Prof.dr. Emil Lafe, the IAPS director, Dr. David Hosaflook, and the director of the Interconfessional Albanian Bible Society, Altin Hysi. The keynote speech by Prof. Xhevat Lloshi is available online.