Academic Conference on the Korça Girls’ School

On October 26, 2016, the IAPS was co-organizer of an academic conference with the University of Korça “Fan S. Noli”, the University of Elbasan “A.Xhuvani,” and the Institute for the Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of Albanians (Skopje). The conference was entitled “The Girls School: the National Nest on its 125th Anniversary.” After words of greeting by the rectors of the universities and the directors of the institutes, distinguished professors and foreign guests presented on various topics including:

  • “The Dawn of Civilization for the Albanian Woman” (prof.dr. Xhevat Lloshi).
  • Reflections on Sevasti Qiriazi Dako’s Life (Dana Stucky).
  • “The Impact of the Girls’ School in Korça’s City Life” ( Irena Nika).
  • “Yll’ i mëngjesit” (The Morning Star) ( Teuta Toska).
  • “Sevasti Qiriazi-Dako’s Grammar – a pioneer work in elementary schools” (prof.dr. Qemal Murati).
  • “The Qiriazi Family and the context in which they worked” (dr. John Quanrud).
  • “The Contribution of the Protestant Movement to the Albanian Awakening” (dr. Metin Venxha).
  • “Aleksandra Ilo—Pupil of the Girls’ School, Emancipator of Albanian Women” (Niko Kotherja).