Interview and Video Project

In June, 2016, Peter Hansen, award-willing videographer and documentary producer, donated one week to the IAPS to video people and places related to the Albanian Protestant Movement. With the raw footage, the IAPS hopes to produce several documentaries in 2017 highlighting the contributions of people and places and events such as Gjerasim Qiriazi, Sevasti Qiriazi, Kristoforidhi, the Bible Society, Korça, Elbasan, Monastir, the congresses of Monastir and Elbasan, etc. The video and interview crew traveled to Tirana, Sharrë, Elbasan, Korça, “Dry Mountain,” Ohrid, Stenjë, and Bitola. Those interviewed included Viktoria Dako-Duli, Xhevat Lloshi, Ian Loring, Teuta Toska, Hristo Kirjas, and others.