Historia e Shkrimit të Shenjtë (1870 e 1872) dhe Katër Katekizma (1867 e 1872)

Prof.dr. Xhevat Lloshi has transcribed these early Albanian texts into the modern Albanian alphabet. This new publication also contains Lloshi’s scholarly introduction and, for the first time, the identity of the source texts: Isaac Watts’ Four Chatechisms and Christian Gottlob Barth’s Bible Stories. These were translated by K. Kristoforidhi in the nineteenth century into both Albanian dialects (Geg and Tosk), and were funded by the Religious Tract Society of London. Kristoforidhi’s translations of the same texts into both dialects was highly influential in the unifying of the Albanian language and nation. This item is available in paperback in Albanian at Amazon and in hardback in Albania.