108th Anniversary of the Congress of Monastir

The IAPS was invited to take part in honoring the eleven commissioners of the Alphabet Commission on the 108th anniversary of the Congress of Monastir, on November 22, 2016 at the Alphabet Museum in Bitola, Macedonia. The event was well attended by the general public, the media, the deputy prime minister of the Republic of Macedonia, rectors of state universities in Kosovo and Macedonia, other government officials, teachers, and students. The ceremony included speeches from the deputy prime minister of Macedonia, the rectors of the universities of Tetovo and Prishtina, the director of the museum, and the director of the IAPS. The IAPS also presented books on the Qiriazi family to dignitaries present, and highlighted the unique contributions of Gjergj Fishta, Gjergj Qiriazi, and Parashqevi Qiriazi. After the speeches, the Museum unveiled silicone statues of the eleven commissioners, positioned according to the iconic photo taken 108 years ago.