Our mission is to promote the discovery of Albanian and Protestant history and thought.

Once in 500 years!

2017 is a big year. All over the world. The 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

Qiriazi siblings

We're publishing.

Our first published works are just in time to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Albanian Girls’ School in Korça.

Qiriazi siblings

Meet heroes

… like the Qiriazi siblings, who sacrificed their lives to serve their people and change the course of a nation.

Take a hike

Join “backpackers” of old—like the Bible Society’s colporteurs—on adventuresome journeys into complicated Balkan lands.

Rewrite history

… if you think it’s necessary. But most of us just need to re-read it. We’ll help you find great sources.

Say your ABCs

Linguists welcome! The Protestants produced some of the first Albanian books, schools and language primers.

Sing out loud

The Protestant movement came to Albania with music — hymns of faith and fatherland.

Celebrate with us.

What happened 500, 200, 150, and 125 years ago? Learn some milestones of Albanian and Protestant history.

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What interests you? Enjoy our articles, videos, and galleries, prepared by the IAPS team and our guest contributors.

See what we're publishing.

The Albanian Protestant Movement produced books, articles, and more. We’re finding them—and sharing them.

IAPS General Library

The IAPS is building its library in order to acquire important resources from Albanian Protestant history. Donations welcome!

The AEM Collection

The IAPS has received the collection of the Albanian Evangelical Mission from the United Kingdom.

Edwin Jacques Collection

The IAPS has received the fascinating collection of Edwin E. Jacques, missionary to Albania (1932–1940).